The Redemption of Henry Myers

Erin Bethea


Erin Bethea began her film career in her hometown of Albany, GA, as sportscaster Alicia Houston in the surprise independent hit "Facing the Giants." Erin then took a huge leap forward with her next film "Fireproof," the #1 Independent Film of 2008, which opened at #4 in the nation's box office and subsequently sold nearly 20 million DVDs worldwide. 

Following the massive success of "Fireproof," Erin hosted two seasons of the Emmy® Award winning TV show "OMX: On Mission Extra" and appeared in nearly a dozen other films, including "Letters to God," "The Heart of Christmas," also starring Candace Cameron Bure and George Newburn, "Amazing Love" opposite Sean Astin, "This Is Our Time" alongside Eric Roberts, and the film that finally crossed "period piece western" off her bucket list, "The Redemption of Henry Myers." 

Erin and her "The Redemption of Henry Myers" costar Drew Waters have formed the production company Argentum Entertainment, which seeks to create and produce high quality films with positive messaging and captivating stories. Argentum currently has several feature film projects in the works, including their flagship "Nouvelle Vie," a love story that centers on life and loss, and "Blood Bayou," a crime thriller based on the novel by "USA Today" bestselling author Karen Young. 

Erin is currently making her voice-acting debut as an animated bird named Maggie in the brand new children's series "Iesodo" (YAY-Sa-Doe).

The Redemption of Henry Myers cast