In Kansas City, Alyson Daley (Annie Potts) is a high school music teacher who has taught dozens of students not only how to sing, but to gain confidence and build bright futures. Alyson has dedicated herself to changing her students' lives for the better, a mission she began sixteen years ago when a tragic accident caused the deaths of her husband and son.

Mourning the loss alone, Alyson used her after school music program to distract herself, but is now devastated again when district budget cuts threaten to cancel the program for good. Hearing the news, her first class of students decides to reunite to put on a show-stopping musical to raise money and keep the program alive. Now adults, the cast and former friends look back on the lessons they learned from Ms. Daley as troubled high school students. As they rehearse, they begin to form new bonds—-and repair old ones-—just in time for opening night, and give their beloved teacher renewed strength to heal her heart.