Week 10: Monday, December 29 - Wednesday, December 31

Monday, December 29
1a/12c: Christmas Comes Home to Canaan
3a/2c: An Old Fashioned Christmas
5a/4c: Angel in the Family
7a/6c: Cancel Christmas
9a/8c: Love's Christmas Journey Part 1 of 2
11a/10c: Love's Christmas Journey Part 2 of 2
1/12c: Secret of Giving
3/2c: The National Tree
5/4c: Night Before the Night Before Christmas
7/6c: Gift of the Magi
9/8c: Silver Bells
11/10c: The Three Gifts

Tuesday, December 30
1a/12c: Silent Night
3a/2c: A Dog Named Christmas
5a/4c: The National Tree
7a/6c: The Note
9a/8c: Gift of the Magi
11a/10c: The Three Gifts
1/12c: Silver Bells
3/2c: Holiday Affair
5/4c: What I Did For Love
7/6c: The Color of Rain
9/8c: A Dog Named Christmas
11/10c: Fallen Angel

Wednesday, December 31
1a/12c: The Note
3a/2c: A Kiss at Midnight
5a/4c: Anne Tyler's Saint Maybe
7a/6c: What I Did for Love
9a/8c: A Kiss at Midnight
11a/10c: The Color of Rain
1/12c: Finding John Christmas
3/2c: Fallen Angel
5/4c: Anne Tyler's Saint Maybe
7/6c: A Season for Miracles
9/8c: A Kiss at Midnight
11/10c: The Ultimate Gift