Christmas Classic Thursdays

A Christmas Carol
Cranky and curmudgeonly, Ebenezer Scrooge who doesn’t understand the meaning of compassion, is visited on Christmas eve by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley. Marley’s ghost arranges three meetings for Scrooge with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, each of which will help to illustrate for Scrooge the error of his ways. Ebenezer not only gets to see various scenes from his own life, he witnesses how his actions affect others when he sits in on a Christmas dinner at the home of his ill-treated employee, Bob Cratchit. Stars Alastair Sims, Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, Mervyn Johns, Hermione Baddeley, Glyn Derarman, Clifford Mollison, Michael Hordern, George Cole, Patrick MacNee.

The Bishop's Wife
Episcopal Bishop Henry Brougham has been working for months on the plans for an elaborate new cathedral which he hopes will be paid for primarily by a wealthy, stubborn widow. In the meantime, he is losing sight of his wife and family and why he became a churchman in the first place. Enter Dudley, an angel sent to help him. Dudley helps everyone he meets, but not necessarily in the way they would have preferred. With the exception of Henry, everyone loves him, but Henry begins to believe that Dudley is there to replace him, both at work and in his family's affections. Stars Cary Grant, Loretta Young, and David Niven.

Holiday Affair
Romantic complications develop just before Christmas, when department store clerk Steve Mason meets big spending customer Connie Ennis, who is really a commercial spy. When Steve unmasks Connie as a spy, he decides to let her go, which gets him fired. The two later end up on a date, which doesn't sit well with Connie's boyfriend, Carl, but delights her son Timmy, who doesn't want Carl for a step-dad. Stars Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, and Wendell Corey.

It Happened on Fifth Avenue
Aloyisius T. McKeever, a homeless man in New York City, makes his home in a boarded-up Fifth Avenue mansion, while its owner, multi-millionaire Michael J. O'Connor winters in the South. McKeever winds up taking in homeless ex-G.I. Jim Bullock, who has been evicted from an apartment building O'Connor is tearing down for a new skyscraper, and runaway 18-year-old Trudy "Smith" who, unknown to him, is O'Connor's daughter. Soon Jim invites war buddies Whitey, Hank and their families to share the vast mansion while they seek homes of their own, but romance gets complicated when Trudy falls for Jim. Stars Gale Storm, Victor Moore, and Ann Harding.

Christmas in Connecticut
Comedy ensues when a very undomestic (not to mention unmarried) food writer in Manhattan poses as a country wife and mother in her column to her readers and boss. When her magazine editor decides that she should host a returning war veteran at her home over the Christmas holidays, problems arise as to where to get a husband, a baby, and a country house as soon as possible! Stars Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet, Reginald Gardiner, and SZ Sakall.

Holiday Inn
A crooner named Jim (Bing Crosby) leaves show business to manage a farm, while two of his fellow performers continue on with their career as a dancing duo (Fred Astaire & Virginia Dale). One year later, rural life has turned out to be more challenging than Jim expected, so he decides to make his farm an inn only open on holidays. During the course of the following year, romantic entanglements abound amidst the backdrop of some of the greatest holiday music every recorded, penned by industry giant Irving Berlin. Also stars Marjorie Reynolds.