Rita's Journal

We have a new supervisor at work: Glynis Rucker. At first I thought she was nice, but turns out she's SCARY. Her daughter is trying out for Miss Special Delivery and Glynis told me that she would squash me like a bug! But I'm not that scared, because I have good friends who support me. Shane gave me a makeover and Norman said I was like a tree lobster – unsquashable. Norman always knows what to say. Oliver told me he was very proud of me and to be true to myself. Oliver is such a great leader... I hope he's okay, though. He threw out the Paris box and wore a four-in-hand knotted tie instead of a Windsor knot on Wednesday. Very alarming. Remember that new friend I made, Kimmi Cooper? Turns out she's also competing for Miss Special Delivery and was only talking to me because she was trying to scout out her competition! Who knew pageants were so cut-throat? Anyway, we got a lost letter that was found inside a school desk – it's a letter written by a girl named Ellie who wrote a letter to her future self! Isn't that neat? I should write a letter to my future self... Mrs. Norman Dorman! Silly, I know. But Norman and I did pretend to be engaged when we were at City Hall trying to find out if Ellie and her boyfriend Bobby obtained a marriage license. It felt really, really nice...