Rita's Journal

My friends at work found out that I'm applying for the Miss Special Delivery pageant and they are so thrilled! I already answered all the questions on the application form and finished my essay, but I still don't know what I'm going to put down for the talent section. I can't sing, or dance, or play the piano, and I don't think having a photographic memory is enough... is it? Oliver suggested I do a rousing speech, something by Benjamin Franklin, our first postmaster general. But I don't know if speeches are my thing... We found a lost urn in the DLO with ashes of a mother named Maggie who wrote letters to her daughters Caitlyn and Vanessa before she died. We were able to find Caitlyn and Vanessa, but since Maggie's letter didn't specify who gets her ashes, Oliver and Shane had to follow clues in the letters and go on a scavenger hunt in order to deliver the ashes to the proper recipient. Norman and I stayed behind to figure out my talent for Miss Special Delivery. I must admit, I was excited to be alone with Norman, even though it makes my palms sweaty. When I was practicing roller-skating while delivering mail, I accidentally fell, but Norman caught me! It was very romantic! And I think he was going to kiss me, but then he got distracted when he found a stamp on the floor...