Rita's Journal

I was so inspired by our last supervisor, Theresa, that I decided to bring in copies of my manuscript "Renita Hayweather: Frontier Duchess" to work for people to read. Cora Brandt, our new supervisor, said she would be the first person to read my book. I really wanted Oliver, Shane, and Norman to read it too, but everyone was so busy working on our latest lost letter. (Actually that's a good thing, because Shane pointed out to me that I accidentally based my book on me and Norman! Rita/Renita? Norman/Mr. D'Lorman? How did I not see that?!) The letter was a lost love letter from a man named Sam to his childhood sweetheart Marie. We started talking about love and soulmates, and Norman revealed that he's been in love before and believes in soulmates, too! I wanted to ask him about it, but it didn't feel appropriate. Maybe when the time is right, I could bring it up to him again... Oh, and we found out that Oliver's taking dance lessons! It's that fun? I offered to be his dance partner, but he said that Shane already agreed to do it. Oh well, maybe next time...