Met our new supervisor, Theresa Capodiamonte. She's a legend in the postal world and turns out she knew Oliver's grandfather! And she can DANCE! She was there when we found a lost letter written by a boy named Owen addressed to "Gramma." We went to the retirement home to find "Gramma" in order to deliver Owen's letter. There I met a sweet old lady named Shirley who told me that she suspected her fiancé was abducted by aliens the night before their wedding. Also, she's klepto. She reminded me of my mom... Anyway, we finally found Owen's grandmother, Vivian, because I remembered seeing the wind-chimes made from spoons in her room! We learned that Owen and his family are in the witness protection program and that Owen (actually his real name is Casey) was in danger! We were able to save the day – Norman was really excited to get to use his field kit and go "undercover." He's very brave. When it was all over, Vivian made us her famous banana pancakes. Yummy!