Original Airdate: Sunday, May, 4th

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With Theresa Capodiamonte's sudden departure, the DLO team regroups and welcomes their new supervisor, Cora Brandt (Della Reese). Unlike Theresa, Cora is less interested in the unique way lost letters are delivered. Cora decrees that from now on the team is “swinging for the fences,” and if a recipient can’t be found by the end of the day then the letter is to be shredded. Among the lingering stack of lost letters is a large box with what appears to be copies of a manuscript. Upon closer inspection Cora is able to make out the title, "Renita Hayweather: Frontier Duchess" by Rita Haywith. As the team look sat Rita in schock, Rita proclaimes Theresa Capodiamonte told her to be bold and courageous so she decided it was time to let her friends in on her secret. Cora sits down and begins reading the manuscript. As she begins reading the romantic tale of Renita Hayweather and Mr. D'Lorman, Cora thrusts a lost letter into Oliver’s chest. Examining the water-damaged letter, Oliver discerns that the letter’s origin is Evergreen Colorado. Written on ledger paper, there appears to be a faint logo in the left hand corner of the letter. While the logo is damaged and provides no extra clues, the letter itself is fairly legible and reads: "Dear Marie,It was incredible seeing you again. But I have to be honest, it was painful too. You spend all those summers and holidays with your best friend and then she just disappears, well, it's a hard thing to get over. I've always believed there was a reason I saved your life that day. I thought it was so we could spend the rest of it together. Then four days ago, you walk back into my life as if the last ten years had never happened. Please, Marie. Please don't get married next Saturday." Soon the team learns that the Marie in the letter is a microbiologist working for the World Health Organization. Marie spent her childhood vacationing with her family at ranch in the mountains of Colorado. While there, Marie met a young boy named Sam. Sam, the son of a cowboy, and Marie became friends and eventually fell in love over the years. Sam even saved Marie’s life when she slipped on a trail, nearly falling to her death down a steep ravine. But as time went on, Sam and Marie lost touch and their love faded into distant memories. But all that changed when Marie came back to the Ranch. In the time since Marie and Sam went their separate ways, Sam went from cowboy to owner of the ranch. During a WHO conference at the ranch Marie and Sam reconnected. In the middle of their reunion Marie dropped a bombshell, telling Sam that she was engaged. Although devastated, Sam couldn't abandon his love for Marie, so, he wrote her a letter, telling her how he really felt. Sam sent the letter but never heard back and 8 years passed before the letter made its way to the DLO team. As the team works to track down Marie and Sam, another mystery is vexing members of the team. Shane has noticed that Oliver seems oddly preoccupied, taking strange calls and even, on occasion, wearing cologne. Oliver confides to the team that he has been taking dance lessons. And with a student showcase approaching, Oliver is increasingly concerned about his partner, 85-year-old Louise, who ran into a former flame and eloped to Mexico. In desperate need of a new partner, Oliver asks Shane to step in. After tracking down Marie, the DLO team attempts to deliver the letter to her. As they approach her home, they see a seemingly happy Marie alongside a handsome man and bouncing a small baby. The team presumes Marie married and they decide not to disturb her life with a letter from her past. They return the letter to Sam who is understanding and appreciative of their efforts. He tosses the letter into a fire and prepares to move on with his life. But all is not as it seems, upon further investigation, the team discovers that Marie and her husband divorced and the family man they saw her with is actually her brother. With the letter destroyed, the team relies on Rita’s eidetic memory to recite Sam’s loving words to Marie. Hearing the letter makes Marie realize that even though she was married, Sam was always her true soul mate. Marie and Sam reunite at the ranch bringing their generational love together again. As they embrace, Sam reveals that he had spent all these years building a cabin for the two of them to spend their lives together. As the sun sets on the mountains, Marie and Sam gaze off at their new home and new life together.