Preview + Sneak Peek - Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen

Watch a scene from "Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen" starring Erin Krakow and Luke MacFarlane.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Schedule

12:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote
Murder, She Wrote
Menace, Anyone?

There is no love lost at a racquet club when a tennis star is killed by a bomb planted in his girlfriend's car.

1:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote
Murder, She Wrote
The Perfect Foil

In New Orleans to attend a Mardi Gras party, Jessica gets involved when her cousin is suspected of murder.

2:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote
Murder, She Wrote
If the Frame Fits

The art-thief husband of an heiress is suspected in her murder, but did he do it?

3:00 AM
Hart to Hart
Hart to Hart
Too Many Cooks Are Murder

The menu features murder when the Harts take a gourmet cooking class. The Harts vie with an unscrupulous financier for a recipe which might benefit the world.

4:00 AM
Hart to Hart
Hart to Hart
Death Set

The Harts are caught up in a tangled scheme when a wealthy playboy attempts to take over the family fortune using his brother's wife as his unknowing pawn.

5:00 AM
Hart to Hart
Hart to Hart
Murder, Murder on the Wall

When a bridegroom disappears abruptly and leaves his wife, who happens to be an acquaintance of Jennifer's, the Harts step in to help her find him. However, there is no tangible evidence that he exists.

6:00 AM
Columbo: The Most Crucial Game

The owner of a football team is found dead in a swimming pool. It looks like an accident, but Columbo doesn't really believe it is and investigates as if it was a murder case. The person he suspects, however, has a powerful alibi.

7:30 AM
Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star

A faded movie actress commits murder. Lt. Columbo, one of her biggest fans, is on the case. Stars Peter Falk.

9:00 AM
Perry Mason Returns

When his former secretary is accused of a murder, Perry Mason gives up a judgeship to defend her. Stars Raymond Burr.

11:00 AM
Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun

A nun stands trial for murdering a priest with whom she worked very closely. Stars Raymond Burr.

1:00 PM
Perry Mason: The Case of the Shooting Star

Mason defends an actor-director who apparently shot a talk show host in front of millions of TV viewers. Stars Raymond Burr.

3:00 PM
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love

An old flame of Mason's is being considered to fill a vacated government position. Stars Raymond Burr.

5:00 PM
Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit

A famous horror author invites a group of friends to a haunted hotel for a fun-filled weekend. Stars Raymond Burr.

7:00 PM
Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam

A woman who hosted a business meeting where a shady deal was planned turns up dead. Star Raymond Burr.

9:00 PM
Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel

Perry sues a newspaper and its editor for making slanderous comments about him and others. Stars Raymond Burr.

11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote
Murder, She Wrote
Death Stalks the Big Top, Part 1 of 2

When Jessica's niece receives a gift from her grandfather, who was thought dead, she asks her aunt to find him. Jessica follows a trail to a small-town circus beset by accidents and murder.