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Danielle C. Ryan

Danielle C. Ryan


Danielle C. Ryan, born June 9, 1993 in Rancho Cucamonga, California is an American actress and producer. Raised in Utah alongside her two siblings, Ryan grew up playing baseball and had heavy involvement in the equine world showing Arabians and Andalusians and still competes nationally to this day.

She landed her first role at the age of seven, playing alongside Evan Rachel Wood and Vivica A. Fox in the film Little Secrets. Quickly catching the film bug, she went on to immediately film Universal’s The Cat in the Hat and ABC’s “Little House on the Prairie” miniseries. Ryan has appeared in many major films and television shows including “Criminal Minds” and “Magnum P.I”.

Along with her current film projects she is highly active and spends most of her time outdoors with her dogs and horses. Ryan also has a passion for dance, MMA and motorsports, which have been showcased on numerous occasions throughout her film career.

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