Dick Van Dyke would have to do the hard slog hosting game shows when he was a struggling actor.

When actress Victoria Rowland became pregnant during hiatus, the writers explained Amanda's pregnancy by having her get married to a serviceman who was never seen on the show. The character Doctor Mark Sloan made his first TV appearance in an episode of "Jake and the Fatman." Art imitating life: In the episode "Gangland," it is revealed that Amanda was a foster child, as was the actress who played her, Victoria Rowland. Family affair: Dick Van Dyke's son, daughter, and grandson all appeared in the series. Did you know Dick Van Dyke is ambidextrous? Dick Van Dyke and his now ex-wife Margie married on the radio show "Bride and Groom" because the show paid for the wedding rings, a honeymoon, and household appliances. He finally received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992. Dick Van Dyke won a Grammy Award for the "Mary Poppins" soundtrack and a Tony Award for "Bye, Bye Birdie." Son of Loren Van Dyke and wife Hazel Vorice McCord. A man of many talents, Dick Van Dyke once did a brief stint as a TV weatherman. Dick Van Dyke returned to television in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Murder 101" in 2006. Barry Van Dyke's four children have all starred in two episodes of "Diagnosis Murder."