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Debbie's Blog - Season 3, Episode 7: Runaway

As it happens, I'm making a guest appearance in this episode.  Being on the set is an experience all its own, but being part of a scene is something else entirely.  First off there's the wardrobe call.  Yes, they decided to dress me.  I had four outfits to choose from and since I'm on the short side everything was way too long.  Within a half hour the seamstress had altered the jacket sleeves and the blouse.  Yes they have a seamstress on the set--who knew?  After wardrobe I was ushered to hair and make-up.  The team there is magical.  I didn't wash my face for a week.  Once I was pampered, polished and ready for the camera, I was ushered into the courtroom to stand (actually they had me sit) before Judge Olivia Lockhart. 

I don't want to spoil the scene for you but I will tell you my first line.  One doesn't realize the time and effort it takes to memorize one's lines.  I went over them a dozen times or more before I spoke. 

Okay, are you ready for my first line?  Here it is:


 Originally I was given two lines, the second even more complicated than the first.  Then the director decided I should have a third line.  The pressure was on.  Before I agreed, however, I asked if they were willing to pay me more.  They weren't.  I gave them that line gratis.  One must sacrifice for art.