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Debbie's Blog - Season 3, Episode 6: Batter Up

My father was wonderfully athletic. At one time he was state champion lightweight boxer and played on the school's football team. Our son has my father's letterman's jacket. My mother was no slouch either. But as far as athletic talent went that gene skipped my generation. The best I can do is swim, which I do enjoy, even now.

By contrast each one of our children were school champs. Our oldest daughter was a soccer star, called Thunder Foot on the field. Jenny played soccer too, but it was the boys who excelled in sports. I drove to more practices and games than anyone can imagine. It was expected of me. I was their mother. In the boys' eyes writing books was what I did. Early in my career I was pictured in Newsweek magazine and I excitedly showed it to my oldest son, who said, "That's great mom. Are my gym shorts washed?"

All that changed when I was asked to throw out the opening pitch at the Mariner's baseball game for Stitch & Pitch night. That, my friends, got my kids' attention. My children looked upon me with real respect. I even managed to get on-field passes for them. All at once I was more than their mom; I transferred from just mom to cool mom. And I remained cool until I threw out the pitch. Yes it made it over home plate . . . but I wasn't standing on the pitcher's mound when I threw it.

Moon's team is playing against the Thyme and Tide in tonight's episode. Anyone willing to take bets on the winning team?