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Debbie's Blog - Season 3, Episode 4: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

My husband decided to marry me on the sound advice of a fortune cookie.  I'm not making this up.  Let me start from the beginning.  When Wayne asked me to marry him I didn't give him the chance to change his mind.  We set the date and within the month, I had my wedding dress picked out, mom and dad had the down payment on the rental hall, and the invitations were ordered.  Then Wayne decided to change jobs, taking a substantial cut in pay.  He wasn't sure he could make it financially and taking on the responsibility of a wife made him think twice.  With his heart on his sleeve he asked me if I'd be willing to put off the wedding for a year.

What?  Yup, it's true, Wayne got cold feet.  I told him I loved him enough to wait that year but seeing that my parents had already put out money for the wedding, he should be the one to tell them.  That was only fair, right?  Wayne agreed and we took my mom and dad out for Chinese food.  We had a wonderful meal, although I was antsy wanting to know when Wayne was going to break the news.  After dinner, the bill arrived along with fortune cookies. Wayne reached for his, read it, smiled and then handed it to me.  It read:  What's a job compared to a good marriage.  He decided to take that advice and we went through with the wedding.  He carried that fortune with him for over twenty years.  It was one of those God moments in both of our lives. 

Grace seems to have a little bit of Wayne in her as her relationship with Cliff develops.  Guess he should have taken her out for Chinese food.

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