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Debbie's Blog - Season 3, Episode 2: A Helping Hand

Wayne and I were blessed with two daughters and two sons.  All four of the kids were born within a five year span which meant that they were all teenagers at the same time.  To put it mildly, the hormones bounced off the walls at our house.  To complicate matters, if the kids weren't bickering with one another they were butting heads with Wayne and me. 

Many of the plot points in the Cedar Cove books involving the relationships between Olivia and Justine and Grace and her two daughters evolved out of that time with my own young adult daughters.  This is a natural part of being a writer.  No situation or emotion is wasted; eventually it will turn up in a story, intentionally or otherwise.  Not the exact circumstances, of course, because my kids would string me up by my thumbs!  What I took from raising teenagers and young adults is the emotions, the angst and the learning curve that leads to mature decision making. 

Now our children have families of their own and their understanding of life is far more keen.  They know, as Wayne and I learned as young parents, that no one will ever love you more than your mom and dad.  To understand that, they had to have their own children.  It does my heart good as our grandchildren enter the teen years that they are giving their parents a small taste of what they gave their father and me.  It's gratifying to remember that what goes around eventually comes back. 

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