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Debbie's Blog - Season 3, Episode 1: Hello, Again

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Cedar Cove television series!  One of the best parts of being an Executive Producer is the opportunity to visit the set and spend time with the actors.  From what I've seen and heard, Season 3 is destined to be the best one yet.  It seems that every year gets better and better.

In reading over the scripts I can tell you there are some great episodes in the works, episodes with twists and turns and surprises.  I can hardly wait!!!

My husband Wayne and I were both born and raised in small towns.  Wayne grew up in Colville, Washington which, at that time, had the only stop light in the entire county and I was born and raised in Yakima, Washington.  For the last thirty years we've lived in Port Orchard, Washington, the city on which I based the Cedar Cove novels. 

The idea for these novels came from my readers.  Previously I'd written a couple of six-book series set in Alaska and Texas.  The mail and website notes told me readers wanted the stories to continue; truth was, I didn't either.  That was when Cedar Cove was born.  I decided to write about this new setting until all the stories were told, never dreaming that the Hallmark Channel would choose to make it their first scripted television series. 

Your favorite characters are back.  And there are a few new ones in town.  Moon's got the coffee on and Judge Olivia Lockhart is about to enter the courtroom and Jack . . . well, you'll have to wait to learn what's up with him.

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