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Debbie's Blog - Season 2, Episode 12: Resolutions and Revelations

We all go through dark times in our lives when it feels as if the world is crashing down on our shoulders and the light at the end of the tunnel only reveals how far we have yet to go.  Career wise, one of the darkest moments before I was published happened five years after I started writing novels.  I’d completed four manuscripts but had yet to sell a single word of fiction.  I felt I was close, especially when I had the opportunity to meet with an editor who agreed to read my proposal.   This story was one I was especially proud to have written.  In my mind if this book didn’t hit the mark then nothing I wrote ever would. 

I attended the writers’ conference convinced this was it.  My spirits were high, my expectations soared and then I met the editor.   Not only did she dislike my proposal, she looked me right in the eye and suggested the best thing for me to do with my book was to  throw it away.  This was after five years and four completed manuscripts.  I wasn’t politely tapping against publishing doors.  I was throwing the entire force of my hopes, dreams and fortitude against those locked doors and the best I could do was to toss that manuscript in the garbage? 

I might have given up then, which was something I seriously considered, but I am so very grateful I didn’t.  Interestingly enough that manuscript did eventually sell and was the very story that unlocked the door to my career. 

This is a dark moment in Olivia and Jack’s relationship, too, but they aren’t going to give up on one another and for that I believe we’re all grateful.