When home renovator extraordinaire Shannon Hughes finds a human skull in the basement of her current project, she sets out to discover who is behind the mysterious death by piecing together clues left behind in the victim’s hidden diary. With the help of her new client, famous crime reporter and author Macintyre “Mac” Sullivan, they follow the trail to Shannon’s old high school to nail the culprit, but not before another diary is discovered, a murder shocks the resort town, close friends are suspected of foul play, and the truth behind the overwhelming success and generous financial support of the high school’s football team and athletic program is revealed.

To play the game, navigate through rooms and locations and find the clue to unlock a secret treasure trove. Click and drag your cursor to navigate through various environments and uncover clues to help solve the mystery and find the treasure. Hint: You may have to go back and search rooms more than once to find the clue and the treasure.

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