The Good Fight

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In Olivia’s backyard, she and Jack are enjoying a cup of coffee when Will calls out from behind them, “You don’t have any milk.”  It’s an errand Will would take care of if his schedule wasn’t already booked with a tennis game. He then casually explains to Olivia, “It’s okay, you can just pick some up after work.” Amused, Jack remarks that he can’t believe Olivia and Will are related. Olivia then explains to Jack that thanks to their mom and all the other women in Will’s life, he’s never had to do for himself.  Olivia is determined not to fall into that trap.

While Olivia ponders over how to train her brother to be responsible, Jack prepares for a difficult meeting with David, the owner of The Chronicle. Jack is convinced that if he hadn’t gone to the meeting with Jeri, David would never have gotten the idea to give him Jeri’s job. Olivia tries to assure him that he did nothing wrong but Jack is determined to try and make things right.

Meanwhile, at Moon’s café, Alex is in search of coffee and a baseball fan. She has an extra ticket to the Mariners game and is hoping to find someone to go with her. As luck would have it Paul is standing behind her in line and he is an avid baseball fan. The last time Paul and Alex saw each other was at Olivia’s awkward dinner party. In contrast, a baseball game seems like much more fun, so when Alex invites him to join her, he accepts.

At the courthouse, Grace presses Olivia for details around a rumor that she sold her half of Charlotte’s house to Buck Saget. Olivia tells her it’s true and that after giving it more thought, she realized that it was time to let the house go. As they talk, the door swings open and Warren barges in to confront Olivia about her decision to sell Charlotte’s house to Buck. Warren is in disbelief that she would sell to his father and not her own brother. Olivia tells him that Buck signed an affidavit guaranteeing that the land will never be developed. She then politely shows him the door.

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In the DA’s office, Paul drops in with a request for Rebecca. As he enters the office he finds her fast asleep at her desk.  He slams down a heavy book, jolting her awake. It’s clear she’s overworked and Paul is doubtful that she can handle her workload. He asks her if she wants to stand down on a big and complex case they have pending. She’s defensive as usual and insists that she’s given him no reason to take her off the case. Paul backs off but warns that the case isn’t handled properly then she’ll be out of a job.

Back in Olivia’s chambers Will pops by and makes himself comfortable. After his tennis match he’s looking forward to lunch and a long shower. Olivia takes the opportunity to press her brother about his plans for the future, and more importantly, his plans to find a place to live. Will’s response is that he’s thrilled to be living with his sister, since it gives them the chance to get to know each other all over again. His response is not the answer Olivia was hoping to hear. She presents Will with a list of chores and a deal: if he is going to stay in her house he needs to help out. Will seems game and tells Olivia to put him to work.

In Seattle Jack meets with David and tries to sell him on the idea of keeping Jeri in her job at the newspaper. David appreciates Jack’s loyalty, but says his argument has only further convinced him that Jack is the right man for the job. While David appreciates what Jeri did for the paper, he feels her skills are no longer necessary. David wants Jack to take the paper to the next level and promises not to stand in his way. But while David’s sold on Jack, he tells him that he needs an answer by the end of the day or he will find someone else.

Back at the courthouse, Gloria is preparing for a confrontation with Rebecca. Since their first meeting Gloria’s learned that someone has been digging into her personal information. Rebecca denies the allegation but Gloria isn’t buying it. Unmoved, Rebecca tells Gloria that she did check into her claim about working for the sheriff’s department, and has learned that Gloria never worked there. Having run out of patience for Gloria and her stories, Rebecca simply walks away, ending the conversation.

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At the Saget Development offices, Justine and Buck chat as they exchange paperwork. As Justine makes her way out, Warren walks in, furious at Buck for his deal with Olivia. Buck reveals that not only is he not planning to develop the property--he’s going to make it his own home. Buck offers to buy out Warren at a generous price but Warren, still itching for battle, refuses.

Later that night, Olivia returns home to a flurry of activity. Justine is steadying a ladder as Luke works to repair a broken light.  As they flip the switch and the light turns on, Will, conveniently overseeing the work, lets out a cheer. When she asks what’s going on, Justine reveals explains that Will convinced Luke to ‘help out’ with the list of repairs Olivia asked Will to do. Seeing that her brother missed the point of her to-do-list, Olivia tries to explain the point to Will. Will responds by insisting that his strength is as a ‘delegator.’ He then promptly invites Luke and Justine to stay for a meal before asking Olivia, “What’s for dinner?”

In a busy restaurant in Seattle, Jack and Jeri sit across from each other. Earlier, Jeri confronted Jack and accused him of trying to steal her job. She told Jack he owed her then demanded he turn down the job. Now, in a crowded restaurant, Jack tells her that he’s accepting the job and that he wants her blessing and help in the transition process. Jeri calmly looks him dead in the eye and says, “There is one thing I know for sure. You will never get my blessing for stealing my job.” She then grabs her purse and leaves.

Back at Olivia’s house, Will has his feet up as he relaxes with a book. Olivia walks in and begins to tell him how disappointed she is by his delegating the to-do-list to Luke. Will doesn’t see that the point was to for him to be accountable and the two begin to argue. While Olivia says that Will is using her to take care of him, Will insists that the real problem is that Olivia likes being in charge. Olivia’s taken back by the accusation while Will just walks away.

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Jack and Olivia finally meet for a romantic dinner at the Bistro. He breaks the news that he is going to take the job at The Chronicle. He wanted to mark the day and gives Olivia a beautiful pendant as a gift. He also wants to know that Olivia is okay with his decision to take the new job. She offers her unconditional support and Jack is thrilled.

The next day Olivia and Jack take the ferry into Seattle to check out his new office. As they walk out of the building David pulls up.  Jack introduces the two and David asks if he’ll need any help finding a place to live in Seattle. Jack tells him that he’s going to be staying in Cedar Cove but David has other plans. He tells Jack that the job is more than full-time and that the job is in Seattle. Both Olivia and Jack look shocked and unsure what to do next.

Back in Cedar Cove, Warren is doing his best to convince Alex to join him in a coup against Buck. His attempt is failing miserably and Alex tells him to let Charlotte’s house go and move on for his own sake. Warren continues to argue and is convinced that once Buck is done messing with his life, Alex will be history.

Back in Cedar Cove, Linnette frantically searches for Rebecca. Earlier, while she was at Moon’s, she received a call from Paul asking if she’d seen her. She never showed up for work and Paul is worried. Linnette returns home and checks Rebecca’s room, but there is no sign that she’s been there. Justine is confident that she is fine and the two team up to find her. At the courthouse Paul tells Olivia that Rebecca is a no show. Rebecca’s never been late and now she’s not answering her cell phone. Both Olivia and Paul now realize that something is very wrong.