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The Good Fight

In Olivia’s backyard, she and Jack are enjoying a cup of coffee when Will calls out from behind them, “You don’t have any milk.”  It’s an errand Will would take care of if his schedule wasn’t already booked with a tennis game. He then casually explains to Olivia, “It’s okay, you can just pick some up after work.” Amused, Jack remarks that he can’t believe Olivia and Will are related. Olivia then explains to Jack that thanks to their mom and all the other women in Will’s life, he’s never had to do for himself.  Olivia is determined not to fall into that trap.

While Olivia ponders over how to train her brother to be responsible, Jack prepares for a difficult meeting with David, the owner of The Chronicle. Jack is convinced that if he hadn’t gone to the meeting with Jeri, David would never have gotten the idea to give him Jeri’s job. Olivia tries to assure him that he did nothing wrong but Jack is determined to try and make things right.

Meanwhile, at Moon’s café, Alex is in search of coffee and a baseball fan. She has an extra ticket to the Mariners game and is hoping to find someone to go with her. As luck would have it Paul is standing behind her in line and he is an avid baseball fan. The last time Paul and Alex saw each other was at Olivia’s awkward dinner party. In contrast, a baseball game seems like much more fun, so when Alex invites him to join her, he accepts.

At the courthouse, Grace presses Olivia for details around a rumor that she sold her half of Charlotte’s house to Buck Saget. Olivia tells her it’s true and that after giving it more thought, she realized that it was time to let the house go. As they talk, the door swings open and Warren barges in to confront Olivia about her decision to sell Charlotte’s house to Buck. Warren is in disbelief that she would sell to his father and not her own brother. Olivia tells him that Buck signed an affidavit guaranteeing that the land will never be developed. She then politely shows him the door.

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