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Season 3, Episode 5 - Civil War

A new day in Cedar Cove sees bikers and joggers greeting each along the waterfront. In his office at Saget Development, Warren busies himself looking over documents. As he works, his door swings open and his ex-wife Kelly storms in to confront Warren about missing their divorce hearing. Kelly angrily accuses Warren of not being able to let her go. Warren balks at the charge and responds by demanding Kelly return her engagement ring. The ring belonged to Warren’s mother and, despite her attachment to it, Kelly hands it over. The sight of the ring gives Warren pause and he reflects on his mother and her passing. Kelly too is affected, noting how loving she was towards her and Warren. In the moment of pause Kelly admits that she still loves Warren, but not like a wife. Hearing her words seems to convince Warren that it’s over and he agrees to meet Kelly in court.

At her home, Grace tries desperately to stop Cliff from leaving. Since the breakup, Cliff has begun to move his belongings from Grace’s house and is preparing to move on. Grace is unwilling to accept the reality of the situation and tries to convince Cliff that everything was working before he proposed. Cliff responds by telling Grace that the situation was only working for her. He throws a bag of his belongings into his truck and prepares to leave. 

Along the waterfront, Luke and Justine are out for a stroll. As they walk, Luke confronts Justine about her previous engagement to Warren, who Luke just learned is still married. Hearing that Warren is married reminds Justine why she left him, but Luke is still angry. Justine brushes off his concerns as no big deal but Luke can’t let go. She assures him that she has no feelings for Warren, but Luke is still upset that she did not confide in him.

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