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Season 3, Episode 4 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Original Airdate:  Saturday, August 8th 2015

Grace gleefully reads responses about the Cedar Cove town photo while Cliff busies himself hanging a picture on her office wall. The overwhelmingly positive reactions to the town photo almost cover Grace’s less than inspiring response to Cliff’s proposal. She’s still not wearing the ring and Cliff can’t help but notice. Cliff doesn’t want to push the issue but does ask Grace if she will put the ring on before he leaves for a cattle auction at the end of the week. Grace responds with a noncommittal nod.

Justine arrives for work at Charlotte’s house and finds Will already meeting with a contractor. She pulls him aside and asks if he’s told Olivia about his plans for the house. Just then Olivia shows up and angrily asks Will what he is doing. Will and Olivia argue about the fate of the house and about their own relationship, but in the end, Will insists that their mother put him in charge and he is going to sell the house.

At the offices of Saget Development, Warren and Alex arrive at work to find an unexpected guest waiting. The woman introduces herself as Warren’s wife, Kelly. With Alex still standing there, Kelley tells Warren that she wants a divorce. Sensing the awkward moment, Alex hastily excuses herself from the room. Alone with Warren, Kelley tells him that she’s in love and, while they’ve spent years fighting over their divorce terms, she’s now ready to make it final. She agrees to the terms of their original agreement but demands that a judge oversee the process. Kelley makes it clear that she’s not taking any chances and intends to fully move on.

Meanwhile, at the Thyme & Tide, Paul stops in to the woodshop to again try and make nice with Bob.  Bob pointedly asks Paul if he’s called Alex. Paul reminds him that he’s recently divorced and not dating. The topic of conversation catches Paul off guard and, rather than continue, he makes a hasty exit. As he leaves, Peggy arrives with a plate of fresh cookies. She cheerfully offers Paul a cookie before turning to Bob and remarking how friendly and handsome Paul is. Bob couldn’t disagree more and says he wants Paul to leave Cedar Cove. Bob’s worried Paul could take Olivia from Jack and “the guy code” means he must do anything to stop that from happening.

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