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Season 3, Episode 3 - Something's Gotta Give

Original airdate Aug. 1st, 2015

While out for a morning jog Paul just happens to bump into Olivia.  Paul is looking for help with a troublesome defense attorney, but the conversation turns to relationships when Olivia reveals that she’s presiding over a divorce case. Paul shares with her that his ex-wife has issues and he thought he could save her, but he couldn’t. The experience taught him that if you are with the wrong person you are actually alone. And, while Paul doesn’t have any regrets, he didn’t foresee being alone, eating take out every night and living in a motel.  Sympathizing with his situation, Olivia sends him to the Thyme & Tide for some home cooking and a nice warm bed.

At Moon’s, Bob meets Jack for a coffee and to catch up. Jack confesses that he and Olivia had a big fight and that he’s afraid of loosing her. Bob thinks Jack is pushing Olivia too hard and suggests giving her time and space to heal. Bob also reveals his suspicions towards Paul. Jack has noticed that Paul and Olivia are spending more time together and he warns Jack to watch out for him.

At town hall, Grace and Peggy meet to discuss Grace’s first big idea as town manager. At dusk, Grace wants to get the entire town to meet at the marina for a Cedar Cove group photo. Peggy seems doubtful of the plan, but agrees to do her best to help make it a success.

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