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Season 3, Episode 2 - A Helping Hand

Original airdate: July 25th, 2015

At the Thyme & Tide, Peggy finds Bob planing wood in the workshop. She thanks him for asking to Grace to ask Peggy if she would run the town’s event committee. Even though it’s not catering, Peggy is thrilled to have the chance to use her skills to help. Peggy exclaims, “Staying busy keeps us young,” before asking Bob to serve on the committee regularly. Bob agrees on the condition he gets fed regularly. 

At Grace’s house John finally arrives, and Grace excitedly begs them to “spit it out.” They are confused as to what she means, and Grace says she knows they are pregnant. Maryellen tells her what she really meant- they are moving back to Cedar Cove, and will be taking over the Captain’s Cove with John as the chef. Maryellen plans to use the walls as a gallery featuring local artists. Grace is still thrilled to have them home, but John is not so certain. He whispers to Maryellen that they have a problem with the investors. Maryellen seems panicked as clouds of doubt now hover over their dream.

Later in the day Jack goes to the courthouse to ask flat out as Olivia if they are moving in together. Olivia does not want to make a new mistake in trying to fix Jack’s mistake. Jake opens his heart to Olivia before asking if she thinks she can get past this. Olivia asks for more time to heal, but Jack can’t accept it. Frustrated, Jack tries to turn Olivia into the bad guy, accusing Olivia of not truly forgiving him. Confronted with the reality of the situation, Olivia can’t deny it. Jack takes the hint and leaves.

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