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Season 3, Episode 2 - A Helping Hand

Original airdate: July 25th, 2015

As the days have worn on Paul has become more desperate for Olivia’s help with night court. She finally relents and agrees to hear a variety of odd cases. Paul is grateful and offers to buy her dinner.  He tells her why night court is meaningful for him – it is about helping real people.  He shares the story of how his father lost his diner business, and that it caused Paul to want to be a lawyer.  He thanks Olivia for working the extra hours.

While Olivia is in night court with Paul, Jack is enjoying an awkward dinner at the Thyme & Tide. He earlier had asked Peggy to help him with Olivia. The two prepared an elegant candlelit dinner for Jack’s date. Since Olivia cancelled her dinner plans to help Paul, Jack and Bob eat dinner together and talk about Peggy and Olivia. Bob advises Jack that he needs to think about how to make Olivia happy.

Back at the office, Warren is busy searching for anything he can use against Alex. Warren is convinced that Alex is behind his father’s moves against him and is determined to destroy her. After some searching, Warren hits pay dirt when he discovers that Alex had faced criminal charges tied to her job on Wall Street. Armed with his damning information, Warren can’t wait to bring the dirt to Buck and sabotage his new CFO.

Meanwhile, Will has his own scheme in place: he has decided to offer Justine a job as his assistant. At first Justine is doubtful, but she finally relents and accepts her uncle’s help. When Will tells Olivia, she is immediately against the idea. Will accuses her of being afraid to be alone, but before Olivia can respond, Paul walks into Olivia’s office, interrupting the conversation. The intrusion gives her the opportunity to end the argument and invite Will to leave.