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Season 3, Episode 2 - A Helping Hand

Original airdate: July 25th, 2015

The next morning, Grace overhears Maryellen talking to John on the phone about her mom’s suspicions. Grace is stunned to hear Maryellen say, “This is our baby and we will tell her together.” Grace hurries to share the news with Olivia, who worries Grace may not know the full story.

Down at the docks, Derek is struggling to get the boat started. Fortunately Luke has the trick and in no time has the boat’s engine humming. Derek is thrilled and, having sent the crew home, asks Luke to come along on the fishing trip. They have a great day out on the open water, and Luke talks about his love of the water and his life in the Navy.  The next day Derek invites him out on the water again and Luke could not be happier.

At the courthouse Paul and Rebecca again face off.  Paul’s been burying her in paperwork and now asks her for her recommendations on cases within the last six months. Rebecca is floored- this is a lot of work and she just wants to be back in court. But the next day, Rebecca has covered all the recommendations and has “papercuts on her papercuts” to prove it. Both she and Paul have a laugh and they agree to move forward with their professional relationship.

Back at his office, Warren demands to see all the access codes for the banks. All of his power has been stripped away by Buck and he is frustrated and angry. With his work life and personal life now crashing in on him, Warren is at his wit’s end. Later he meets with his father and Buck lays out his parameters for Warren regaining his trust again, along with his credit cards.