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Season 3, Episode 2 - A Helping Hand

Original airdate: July 25th, 2015

Later in the evening, Olivia waits for Jack at the Captain’s Galley. Paul is also there and takes the opportunity to ask if he can pick her brain about a case.  They talk about Rebecca and her attitude problem when Jack walks in. Paul abruptly leaves, and Jack sits down with Olivia. He apologizes for being late and tells Olivia about his big promotion. Olivia is worried this might be a lot for him to take on, but he disagrees.

Back at Olivia’s house Luke and Justine talk about Luke’s new position, and about her job search. Despite not being on the water, Luke is happy with his new gig. Justine’s own situation is slightly more complicated. Earlier, Linnette and Rebecca told her that the landlord rejected her application for the room because Justine does not have a job. Luke understands and he and Justine share a kiss. However as they do, Olivia walks in on them. The awkward moment reaffirms to Justine that she really needs to find a job!

At the Thyme & Tide, Peggy tells Bob that she is interested in starting a catering business, but Bob won’t hear of it, saying she already does too much at the Thyme and Tide. But he also knows that Peggy is persistent and that this won’t be the end of the conversation. The next morning Peggy skips her usual routine of making breakfast for Bob. She tells him he was right; she does too much at the Thyme & Tide. Her message is received loud and clear.