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Season 3, Episode 2 - A Helping Hand

Original airdate: July 25th, 2015

It’s evening in Cedar Cove when Grace gets home to discover that Maryellen has arrived early for her visit. The two are happy to see each other, but Grace suspects that something is up with Maryellen. Across town Jack and Olivia are walking home from dinner when Jack questions her about moving in together. Olivia feels pressured and Jack can tell. He tells her to sleep on it and that they’ll talk tomorrow. As Olivia drives off, Jack’s cell phone rings. It’s Jeri, calling to tell Jack that she needs him in Seattle for notes the following day. In light of their new working relationship, Jeri wants him there to make sure nothing is “lost in translation.” Jack agrees but tells her he must be back in Cedar Cove for dinner the next evening.

The next day Olivia and Paul run into each other outside the courthouse. Paul asks her if she would be willing to help out with night court – there is a huge pile of cases that need to be heard – but Olivia declines. At Moon’s, Warren tries to purchase a coffee but his card will not work. Moon tells him it has been cancelled, and he proceeds to cut it to pieces in front of Warren. At the docks, Derek fills Luke in on his new responsibilities. Luke’s new job isn’t out on the water like he wants. Instead, he’ll be at the docks repairing equipment and ensuring that Derek and his crew can get out and fish everyday.

In Seattle, Jeri confesses to Jack that she called so that she could give him the good news: she has promoted him to an assistant editor position.  Jack is thrilled and immediately jumps at the job. Back in Cedar Cove, Grace stops by Olivia’s chambers with a new hairstyle. Olivia congratulates Grace on the new job as town manager and on her engagement to Cliff. Grace asks if Olivia is going to move in with Jack, but Olivia doesn’t have an answer.

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