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Season 3, Episode 1: Hello, Again

Original Airdate Saturday July 18th, 2015

The sun shines brightly in Cedar Cove as Olivia and Grace sit together drinking tea. When the phone rings, Olivia knows it’s Jack calling but she refuses to answer. The sting from having discovered Jack drinking again is still too much to bear and Oliva’s feelings are anything but sure.

Later in the night Justine and Luke sit on a blanket, stargazing.  They share a kiss and Luke reveals that he’s the happiest he’s been in a long time.  Justine also has a new outlook on life. She’s about to register for classes and start looking for a job. And, unbeknownst to Olivia, Justine is also planning to move out of her mom’s house.

Facing a less obvious future, Eric regains consciousness in unfamiliar and uncomforting surroundings. Last seen getting into Dick Turnbill’s car, Eric now finds himself tied up in a dark and seemingly abandoned warehouse. As he struggles to get his bearings, a loud crash startles him. Eric looks up to see federal agents rushing in with weapons drawn. Alongside the agents, Eric sees Rebecca. She immediately spots Eric and immediately calls Jack with the news. Eric is taken into custody and later, with Rebecca sitting alongside him, he prepares to sign his statement. As he does he sees Dick Turnbull being brought into the office in handcuffs.

Conspicuously absent from the police roundup is Warren Saget. While his former business associates talk to investigators, Warren sits in a hotel room sipping champagne and talking on the phone. In true Warren Saget style he confidently asserts that he’ll be back in Cedar Cove, returning to business as usual.  However upon returning to Cedar Cove, Warren is immediately confronted by Eric. The two argue and Eric accuses Warren of nearly getting him killed. Warren shoots back that it was Dick’s fault and that Eric was just a patsy.  Warren then fires Eric, telling him, “The first rule of business is to trust no one.”  His words will be more prophetic than he can ever imagine.

Out at Cliff’s ranch, Grace arrives to talk about Alex. Cliff insists there’s nothing going on between him and Alex – she is just an employee. Cliff tells Grace that she’s the only one for him, then drops to his knee and proposes. Grace is taken aback and unsure what to say.  Later, Cliff addresses Alex in the barn. He wants to clear the air and make sure she understands that that Grace is the woman for him. Alex understands and tells Cliff that she plans to finish out the week and then move on. Cliff asks her to stay, but Alex knows that she needs some time away from him.

Fresh off his encounter with Eric, Warren makes his way into his office. As he does, he sees a strange man sitting at his desk. Upon seeing the man’s face Warren’s confusion turns to almost fear. The gentleman is Buck Saget, Warren’s father. Buck tells Warren that as the majority stockholder, he is taking over Saget Company until this mess with Eric and Dick Turnbill is cleared up. Buck tells Warren that he has never been trustworthy, and warns his son not to go to war with him. 

At lunch later in the day, Grace sits down with Olivia to share her own explosive news. Grace tells her the news of Cliff’s proposal and shows Olivia the ring, which she is not yet wearing.  Grace confides that she is not quite ready, and that when Cliff sees it on her hand he will know that it is time to set a date.

At Moon’s, Peggy and Moon discuss a big fundraiser at the beach for the local fisherman. Peggy wants Moon to sponsor it and to donate the food, decorations and servers. The fundraiser is going to take a lot of money and work, but Peggy reminds Moon that it’s is a good cause. Peggy’s pleading pays off and Moon agrees to sponsor the event.

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