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The morning after the softball game, Olivia and Jack enjoy coffee and a stroll near Moon’s. Jack apologizes for getting out of hand at the game. He explains about overhearing Liz at the Galley the night before – and that she thinks Olivia and Paul should be together. Olivia brushes the idea aside, and asks why Jack did not make the decision to become Alex’s sponsor with her before agreeing to it.  That said, she believes Jack will be a great sponsor for Alex. Both Jack and Olivia want to get things back on track by spending more time together.

Later at the courthouse, Will drops in on Olivia.  They talk about their mom’s house and Olivia is still reeling from his decision to sell his half of the property. Liz walks in and Olivia introduces her to Will. After Will leaves, Liz apologizes for the things she said at the restaurant, and Olivia lets her off the hook. Olivia encourages her to enjoy the town before she leaves, and Liz asks for Will to be her tour guide. Olivia tries to steer her in another direction, but Liz will have none of it.

At Moon’s, Linnette, Rebecca, Justine and Maryellen meet up and conversation turns to Grace’s wedding. Rebecca thinks Maryellen should stand her ground and stay out of the wedding. Linnette disagrees, and points out that the memories of Grace’s wedding will last far longer than the event itself. She urges Maryellen to rethink her decision.

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Justine confronts Warren about her grandmother’s house. Warren lords it over her, loving the fact that both Olivia and Justine are now under his thumb. Buck walks in at the end of their conversation. When Buck takes responsibility for Warren’s terrible track record in relationships, Warren bites back that it isn’t his father’s fault—he was never around to influence him in the first place.  Later, when Warren is at Saget Development, Buck announces that he and his son are going on a little trip, whether Warren wants to or not.

In chambers, Paul pops in on Olivia to talk about Will giving Liz a tour of Cedar Cove. He has a real problem with their upcoming set up. He is worried that Liz will latch on to Will, because she has big problems with co-dependence. Olivia assures him that it will be fine and not to worry, but Paul is dubious.

At the docks, Luke is with Derek, prepping the boat to shove off, when Matt reappears. Luke confronts his friend about the family he left behind in Port Orchard. Matt bolts, frustrating both Derek and Luke. Later, Luke talks with Justine about Matt’s abandonment, and Justine offers a helping hand.

At the Thyme & Tide, Paul has announced his intention to leave the B&B. Peggy is distressed, believing their tenant has pulled up stakes because of Bob’s consistently rude behavior. She insists that Bob go and make things right.

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Jack takes the trip into Seattle to help support Jeri.  She has a meeting with her boss, David, and expects to be raked over the coals for running Jack’s article. Though Jeri acts as though she doesn’t need the back up, she accepts Jack’s offer to attend with her, and they are welcomed into the office.  While Jeri defends her decisions around the paper, Jack can’t hold his tongue any longer. He declares that he should be the one who is in danger of losing his job, not Jeri, because he hounded her to run the story.

Back in chambers, Paul asks Olivia to go out to lunch and spy on their siblings. Liz has talked to Will on her own about taking her around town, and he’s agreed. Olivia finds out more about Paul when he speaks about his childhood, as well as his ex-wife. He explains that coming to Cedar Cove has been a true restart to his life. Liz and Will never show up at their location, and Paul realizes that Liz gave him the wrong information on her tour so that Paul would not look for them.

Maryellen goes to see Grace and share the good news that she is ready to take on her maid-of-honor duty. She wants to fill the role, but Grace assures her that Olivia will stand up for her. Earlier, Grace considered eloping, but Cliff wants a real wedding, and Grace is willing to go forward with it, despite her daughter’s misgivings.

Out on the lake, Buck and Warren are fishing. They talk about wanting to catch the “big fish” in business. Warren has a hard time casting his line, and Buck gives him tips to improve. He also tells Warren that he does not like his son’s business practices, and blames himself. He knows that he was not a good father, and wants to make it up to Warren. Just then, Warren catches a big fish and together they work to reel it in.

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Jeri knows she’s on thin ice at work, and she tells Jack how much she appreciates him going to bat for her. Unfortunately for her, it turns out that David doesn’t care much about the story about his friend after all; Jeri is in trouble because of her abrasive personality.  And he’s found the perfect replacement: Jack. Jeri is out, and he is offered her position. David tells Jack to sleep on it, and Jack has no choice but to do so.

Liz is out with Will near the waterfront. She wants to know more about Olivia and Jack.  Will tells her that he and Olivia are not very close, and that Olivia is an over-achiever with absolutely no skeletons in her closet. Liz tells Will that Paul always protected her, and that they have a good relationship. At that point, Will doesn’t want to talk about his sister anymore, and asks Liz to grab a drink. She readily agrees.

Maryellen meets with the girls and tells them the news that her mom has “un-maid-of-honored” her, and she is upset.  Justine advises that it is time to call in the big guns, and Maryellen goes to Olivia to ask for her help.

At the Thyme & Tide, Bob talks to Paul about his carpentry skills and lets him know that he is at a point in building a bed where he could use his help.  Paul is open to the idea, realizing that Bob wants him to stay. However, Bob sets some ground rules: no more moving in on other people’s territory. In other words, hands off Olivia. Paul agrees to stick around. Bob isn’t thrilled, but Peggy is, and she rewards Bob with a cookie, and a kiss.

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Liz stops by for a visit with Paul, and the two talk about her outing with Will. She confides that she only wanted to know more about Olivia, and that Paul’s boss is as perfect in real life as she is on paper.

Meanwhile, back at the docks, Luke tells Derek that he wants to enlist some of his buddies to help Matt stop turning away from his life. Later, Matt shows up to find Luke and a crew of former marines waiting for him. Luke explains that they only want to help and support him, as they would have in the service. Matt considers the offer.

After a chat with Olivia, Maryellen returns to Grace’s house. She explains that she and Olivia will co-host the wedding shower, to show how much she really wants to be a part of the wedding. Grace is touched, and when Maryellen offers to be her maid of honor again, Grace joyfully accepts.

Without Warren’s knowledge, Buck asks Justine to meet with him privately at Saget Development. Out of curiosity, Justine decides to go for it. Later, Warren returns to work to find a contract left for him by Buck that sends him through the roof. He’s been double-crossed by his father!

In the evening, Jack goes to visit Olivia with some takeout.  He shares the news about the new job offer, and that he is thinking about it. The two are about to kiss when Will comes through the front door with a key he had made himself. Despite all the complications in their relationship, Olivia’s brother wants to install himself in Justine’s old room. Since he sold his share of their mother’s home, he has nowhere to go. “Mom wanted to bring us closer together when she gave us her house,” he explains. He gives Olivia a hug and makes his way inside, as Olivia and Jack stare at each other in shock.