Thursday July 2 9:00 AM / 8:00c
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The morning after the softball game, Olivia and Jack enjoy coffee and a stroll near Moon’s. Jack apologizes for getting out of hand at the game. He explains about overhearing Liz at the Galley the night before – and that she thinks Olivia and Paul should be together. Olivia brushes the idea aside, and asks why Jack did not make the decision to become Alex’s sponsor with her before agreeing to it.  That said, she believes Jack will be a great sponsor for Alex. Both Jack and Olivia want to get things back on track by spending more time together.

Later at the courthouse, Will drops in on Olivia.  They talk about their mom’s house and Olivia is still reeling from his decision to sell his half of the property. Liz walks in and Olivia introduces her to Will. After Will leaves, Liz apologizes for the things she said at the restaurant, and Olivia lets her off the hook. Olivia encourages her to enjoy the town before she leaves, and Liz asks for Will to be her tour guide. Olivia tries to steer her in another direction, but Liz will have none of it.

At Moon’s, Linnette, Rebecca, Justine and Maryellen meet up and conversation turns to Grace’s wedding. Rebecca thinks Maryellen should stand her ground and stay out of the wedding. Linnette disagrees, and points out that the memories of Grace’s wedding will last far longer than the event itself. She urges Maryellen to rethink her decision.

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