Thursday August 6 9:00 AM / 8:00c
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Getting to Know You: Part Two

Early in the afternoon Grace and Olivia meet at the Captains Galley for lunch. As they eat, Grace shares the news about Maryellen and John’s engagement. Grace is worried they are moving to fast and that Maryellen might get hurt. When the conversation turns to Grace’s own wedding, Olivia urges Grace to ignore the differences between she and Cliff and see that their differences are what make them a good couple. Just as Grace nods her head in agreement, Paul drops by their table. Olivia tells Paul that she saw Anthony, and Paul confirms the news that he will be leaving Cedar Cove. Olivia wants to know why and feels Paul at least owes her an explanation. Paul won’t reveal his reasons, but he does invite her to go for a run later. She accepts, but she’s still intent on knowing why he is leaving Cedar Cove.

At Saget Development, Buck and Alex discuss the big Hampton’s development deal. As they talk, Warren walks into the office and announces that he will accept Buck’s offer to share signatory power with Alex. Thinking this will expedite Buck’s departure, Warren immediately asks when Buck will be leaving town. Buck responds, telling Warren then he’s not going anywhere and is instead sending his personal business partner, Alex. Warren is silenced in disbelief.

Back at Olivia’s house, Will sits outside enjoying his breakfast. Olivia shares the news that the couple whose car he hit has decided to drop the request for damages. When Olivia notified them that she didn’t want to settle the pair quickly dropped the charges. This turn of events confirms to Will that they were lying and Olivia now finally sees that. She apologizes to Will for not believing him and, for his part, he’s just grateful they can move on from the issue.

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