Thursday August 6 9:00 AM / 8:00c
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Getting to Know You

With Jack’s move in full swing, the boxes begin to pile up inside Olivia’s living room. Will walks in and comments on how much stuff Jack has and how the disorder must be driving Olivia crazy. Jack apologizes for the mess, but Olivia is welcoming and volunteers to help him unpack. She has a light day and would love to help get him settled.

At Grace’s house, Cliff sits and listens to Grace’s fancy and elaborate wedding plans. Grace’s plans for a choir, a five course meal and the releasing of doves is more than Cliff had bargained for. He asks Grace to come back to earth and plan something more their style. Cliff’s reticence comes as a shock to Grace, who anticipated having the entire town witness her dream wedding.

Down at the docks Justine discusses an upcoming party to help cheer Rebecca up after losing her job. Luke says the party sounds nice but he won’t be there. Luke tells Justine that he’s thinking of heading out of town for a few days. Justine offers to join him but Luke says he needs some time alone. Justine seems a little thrown off by his plan but she tells Luke she’s fine with his plan.

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