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Episode 6: Free Spirits

Original Airdate: Saturday, August 24

Seth is finally coming home after finishing up a job on a fishing boat in Alaska and Justine is eager to see him. She leaves work early to set up a surprise homecoming on Seth’s boat, however Seth never arrives and Justine quickly becomes concerned.

The next day at Moon’s, Justine shares her concerns about Seth with Grace and Olivia. Grace is sure there is a logical explanation for why Seth hasn’t been in touch. Olivia points out that with Seth’s job; this sort of thing is bound to happen, but Justine isn’t satisfied.

Jack arrives at the coffee shop and tells Olivia that he has a freelance assignment covering a Seattle Mariners game. Jack can tell by Olivia’s reaction that she is worried that more assignments like this might take him away from Cedar Cove permanently. He assures her that he is committed to their relationship and invites her to go along to the game and stay overnight.

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