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Episode 5: For the Sake of the Children

Original Airdate: Saturday, August 17

Olivia is on her way to court when Grace makes a point of running into her to put in a good word for Rosie Weston. Rosie is one of Grace’s most reliable volunteers at the local library and is appearing before Olivia that day seeking a divorce from her husband Zach. Olivia reminds Grace that she has to stay impartial, no matter what Grace might know about the case. Later, Jack drops by Olivia’s chambers to ask her out to lunch. He is covering the town council’s budget meeting where they are wrangling over budget cuts. Olivia thinks the divorce case should be pretty cut and dry so she agrees to the lunch date.

Unfortunately, the divorce case is not so easy to resolve, as Rosie has decided to ask for sole custody of their children, Allison and Edward, instead of the agreed upon joint custody. Rosie wants the children to be able to stay in Cedar Cove, while Zach insists that he (or his assistant, Janice) will have no problem driving them the half hour to school from his new apartment in Tacoma. Zach believes that despite the fact that Rosie is a stay-at-home mom, she spends far too much time volunteering on various projects around town. Olivia tries to get to the bottom of what went wrong in their marriage and it is clear they remember their relationship very differently.

At the library, Grace is getting ready for kids’ story time when she sees Allison hiding in the book stacks. Grace knows that Allison is cutting school, unable to face knowing that her parents’ divorce case is being heard that morning. A sympathetic Grace allows her to stick around if Allison helps out with the younger children. Later, Grace is thanking Allison when Jack approaches her to get her reaction to the fact that the town council has voted to close the library. Stunned and furious, Grace confronts the town’s mayor, who appears to be taking cues from local developer Warren Saget. Grace vows to raise the money needed to keep the library open. After the town council meeting, Jack returns home to find that Eric has yet another excuse as to why he has not found a job. Jack has a fragile relationship with his son and doesn’t like to rock the boat, but is growing weary of Eric’s excuses.

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