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Episode 4: Suspicious Minds

Original Airdate: Saturday, August 10

Justine dines alone at the Captain’s Galley, only to be visited by Warren, who has heard that she’s been getting friendly with Seth. Since Seth away on his fishing job, Warren takes the opportunity to spend some time with his ex, and Justine agrees to the company.

That same night, Bob and Peggy get a knock on the door of their bed and breakfast, the Thyme & Tide. Standing at the door is a disheveled stranger, who has suffered cuts to his head and hands. When Bob asks what happened, the man says he just needs a place to sleep. He is exhausted, and when he reaches for his wallet, he realizes he has lost it. Peggy takes pity on the man and gives him a room without asking for more details.

The next day, Olivia and Grace watch as Grace’s daughter, Maryellen, sets up for the town’s Art Walk. It is the first year that Maryellen is organizing it and she wants to make sure everything goes well. Olivia and Grace run into Jack and his son Eric, and learn Eric is still looking for a job. When father and son leave, Grace makes no secret of the fact that she doesn’t like or trust Eric after seeing him steal from Jack. Olivia, on the other hand, is willing to give Eric the benefit of the doubt.

At the Thyme & Tide, when Peggy goes to wake up their stranger with a breakfast of fresh scones, she is stunned to find him dead on the floor. Sheriff Troy Davis and the police begin to investigate but can’t determine if the still unidentified man died of natural causes or if foul play was involved. Down at the Chronicle, Olivia pays a visit to Jack. While there, she offers Eric the job of fixing a leaky pipe in her chambers. Eric is looking for work, and though he is reluctant, he can’t refuse to do the job with his father looking on. At her gallery, Maryellen tells Justine that she is so impressed with her jewelry and artwork that she wants to give her a booth at the Art Walk. Justine is excited about the prospect, and her day gets better when Seth unexpectedly shows up in town. A problem with Seth’s boat has given him a little more time to spend in Cedar Cove and with Justine.

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