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Episode 3: Reunion

Original Airdate: Saturday, August 3

With the ordeal surrounding the lighthouse behind them, Jack and Olivia seem to be getting their relationship back on track. After an enjoyable evening out, they head back to his place. Once settled on the couch, they are just about to kiss when Olivia sees a stranger at Jack’s window. The stranger turns out to be Eric, Jack’s estranged son. Eric is down on his luck and was hoping to stay with Jack for a few days. Eric explains he’d been living in Vancouver, Washington until his girlfriend broke it off and kicked him out. Jack readily agrees to put up Eric until he gets back on his feet. Jack was an alcoholic when Eric was growing up and he is anxious to try and repair his relationship with his son, though he is not sure how to go about doing it.

Charlotte keeps company with the unidentified stroke victim at the convalescence center, knitting and filling him in on town news to pass the time. The man can barely communicate, but he makes it clear that he wants Charlotte to take his only possession, a well-worn leather pouch, which contains a mysterious key.

Grace helps her daughter Maryellen set up an exhibit at the gallery she manages. When Justine comes by to deliver lunch, Grace sees her wearing a piece of jewelry she designed and praises Justine’s talent, leaving Maryellen feeling a bit jealous.

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