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Episode 2: A House Divided

Original Airdate: Saturday, July 27

Olivia welcomes home her best friend, the newly single Grace Sherman, who has returned to Cedar Cove earlier than expected. She has been on vacation in Sedona for a month, but she’s feeling the sting after receiving divorce papers from her husband Dan while away. Grace breaks down at the thought of starting over as after 26 years of marriage. Olivia offers nothing but encouragement, portraying Grace’s bright future as a “sequel” to her previous life.

Justine arrives at the Cedar Cove lighthouse to meet Warren, who is making plans to tear down the town’s iconic old structure. Justine is shocked by his decision, knowing how much the lighthouse means to the town. Warren is not interested in what she has to say, which only cements her resolve to end their relationship: she breaks off their engagement on the spot. Warren protests that he was planning on breaking up with her himself. Justine doesn’t care who gets the credit for the break-up; she just wants the relationship over with.

Bob & Peggy Beldon, who own the “Thyme & Tide” Bed and Breakfast, visit Jack in his office to discuss placing an ad for their business in the newspaper. When Jack reveals in passing that Warren is going to tear down the lighthouse, Bob is furious; the lighthouse once helped save his life when he was a fisherman. He’s determined to put a stop to the project, and Jack realizes he’s got a story on his hands.

Olivia and Grace stroll through town talking about the fact that Olivia has recently turned down a federal judgeship in order to stay in Cedar Cove. Grace can’t believe that Olivia would pass up such an opportunity, but when they run into Jack, Grace immediately notices the chemistry between her friend and the new guy in town. Jack confirms his date with Olivia for the next night. When Grace teases Olivia about the date, Olivia protests that it is nothing serious, but Grace doesn’t believe her.

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