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Night passes to day and there is still no word from Rebecca. Worried, Justine and Linnette discuss their next move. As they talk an exhausted Rebecca walks through the front door. She explains that she pulled an all-nighter before driving to a neighboring county to deliver a motion. On the way back she was feeling tired so she stopped for a quick nap. When she woke up she realized she’d overslept, her phone was dead and she missed two other court appearances. After hearing the story Justine and Linnette try to talk to Rebecca about her grueling work schedule but she’s not in the mood and walks off to her bedroom.

Meanwhile at Moon’s, Jack and Olivia discuss Jack’s new job. While the job is a great opportunity, David has made it perfectly clear that he expects Jack to move to Seattle. Conflicted over wanting the job and wanting to maintain his relationship with Olivia, Jack asks Olivia again if he has her support for the new job. Olivia tells him she fully supports him and insists that they will find a way to make time for each other.

Later that day, Paul drops into Olivia’s chambers to update her on the Rebecca situation. As they talk Paul’s phone rings. He tells Olivia that it’s Alex, and Olivia deduces that their date went well. She starts to pry for information when Paul immediately shuts down, saying that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Olivia is confused, and an awkward silence ensues. Paul leaves to get ready for court leaving Olivia even more perplexed at his hesitance to discuss his date with Alex.

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