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Debbie's Blog Season 3, Episode 9: Engagements

One of the questions people ask me is how I met my husband, Wayne.  It's a great story.  I'd graduated from high school and had moved to Seattle with one of my friends, Janice Huck.  We rented a room in a house with six other girls and we all became fast friends.  One Saturday night we all had dates.  I was dressed and ready to go out with a guy I had recently started dating by the name of Gunther.  At the last minute he phoned and had to cancel due to a family emergency.  So here I sat all alone in a huge six bedroom house feeling sorry for myself.

The phone rang and it was Wayne.  He asked if Neater was available. (I don't remember her actual name.  We called her Neater because she was neater than everyone else.)  When I explained that she was out for the evening, Wayne hesitated and then asked if I was doing anything.  I told him I wasn't.  Then he wanted to know if I'd like to go to the movies with him.  Not one to turn down an opportunity, I said I would.  We saw To Sir, with Love starring Sidney Poitier.    Wayne and I hit it off and I never dated Gunther again.  In the same direction some of the romances in Cedar Cove are headed, Wayne and I became engaged and then married.  We've been going strong ever since. 

Meeting Wayne was one of those God moments in my life.  If Gunther had kept our date I wouldn't have been at the house to answer the phone.  Wayne was the one who encouraged me to follow my dream of being an author, the one who championed and supported my efforts.  And it all came about because of a cancelled date.  Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to Gunther but the thought doesn't stay in my head for long.