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Debbie's Blog Season 3, Episode 8: The Good Fight

From as early as I can remember I've wanted to write books.  As a kid I often went to sleep making up stories in my head.  I thought this was something everyone did.  As I entered my early teen years my dreams often turned to one young man in my junior high class by the name of John Richardson.  He was in a different class than me so I didn't have any interaction with him.  Each night I wrote in my diary how cute I thought he was and how my heart longed for him.  John and I never spoke and I sincerely doubted that he even knew I existed until . . .

And here, my friends, the story turns from a lovely sweet romance into a horror show.  I have one brother, the same as Olivia, and the give and take between the two of them is reminiscent of that between my brother, Terry, and me. 

To explain: when I was in the eighth grade, my brother, Terry, and two of my cousins, found my diary.  They were fascinated by the way I poured my heart out about John Richardson.  So enthralled were they that they decided to share my writings with the world.  Okay, not the world, just the boys in my class.  And naturally they decided to do this for profit.  Yes, my friends, my brother and cousins made copies of my diary and sold it to the boys in my class. 
At the time it was by far the most horrible thing that had ever happened to me.  I was mortified, embarrassed and in fact, I ran away from home rather than face my classmates.  I was found two hours later by my dad who assured me Terry would be punished.  (He was, but not nearly enough!) 
This is the story of my first published sale and while this is a memory I would like to banish from my mind forever I can say, in retrospect, I'm grateful for how well it sold.  As a side note I attended one of the biggest dances of my high school years with John Richardson and he was just as dreamy as I knew he would be.