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Debbie's Blog Season 3, Episode 10: Getting to Know You - Part One

Seeing that we’re heading into the last episode for Season Three of the Cedar Cove series I thought I'd write about one of my first set visits in Season One.  I'd flown into Canada where the series was being filmed.  Feeling a bit awkward I did my best to stay out of the way and at the same time absorb everything I could.  You can't begin to imagine how many people it takes to produce a single episode.  No kidding, there must have been fifty people milling about and filled with purpose, dashing one way or another. 

On that visit, I met Andie MacDowell and Dylan Neal for the first time and was awestruck by them both.  Andie is simply beautiful, as anyone who looks at her will see, but there's a beauty to her that comes from her spirit that touches everyone on and off the screen.  Meeting the crew was certainly a highlight.  I have a great deal of respect for each one of the cast members. 

However, it was a camera man who touched my heart to the point that I got tears in my eyes.  He was busy filming a scene as I stood on the sidelines to watch.  Once the scene was over he turned and saw me and said, "I understand you're the author."

It flustered me that he even knew that.  "I am," I told him, rather proudly.  "This is magical for me.  To see my words come to life on film."

His eyes grew warm and sincere and he said, "I want to thank you.  It's because of your imagination that I have a job."

Who could have ever thought when I sat down in front of that blank computer screen to write the first book of the Cedar Cove series that it would eventually make its way onto the television screen.  Certainly not me. 

The cameraman wanted to thank me.  But the truth is he was the one who blessed me along with everyone in the Cedar Cove cast and the wonderful people at Hallmark.  I am so very grateful to be part of this production.