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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 8 - And the Winner Is...

My husband, Wayne, doesn't like me to attend charity auctions. Don't get me wrong, he supports charities. Unfortunately, I embarrass him. I bid on everything. I can't help myself. As you might have guessed, I have a Type A personality. When I’m bidding it becomes a competition to me and I feel compelled to bid on, if not win, every single item offered. As a result we have a round Pepto-Bismol colored ceramic vase the size of a wine vat in our living room, stuffed with dried flowers. I won an original art piece too--a lovely rendition of a sailboat. Wayne claimed it's a cloud formation but I definitely see a sailboat. And I wouldn't want to forget the sky diving lessons. (I bet you think I'm making this up!)

I would love to attend a Bachelor Auction but Wayne won't hear of it. Husbands can be such drags sometimes. Thankfully, I have a creative imagination and I had great fun creating a bachelor auction for Olivia, Grace, Maryellen and others. It's almost as much fun as being there myself. Being a writer certainly is a plus when it comes to these sorts of events. It's easy to picture myself in the audience as Olivia and Grace find a way to win the men of their dreams—but there could be the chance they'll be outbid by some strange Type A woman who thinks of the event as a big competition she simply must win.