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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 7 - Help Wanted

 Anson is one of my favorite characters in all of the Cedar Cove series. I generally don't model characters after real people, but I did with the teenager Anson. Four mornings a week I swim with group of adults at our local pool. We share the pool with the high school students. Several years back there was a young man, a junior or senior, who momentarily caught my attention.

From watching my own two sons, I saw how this teenager struggled to prove himself, to show that he was a man. Although short and slight, he'd grown a beard. He wore a full length, gun-slinger style coat and had a billfold half out of his back jeans pocket that was attached with a chain. Right away I sensed he was the class bad boy and my writer's eye immediately picked up on him.

We never exchanged a word. I never learned his name nor did I see him talk to anyone else. Yet from one brief glimpse of this teenager, the character of Anson was born.

Anson became a romantic hero to me and a good friend to Allison Weston when she needed one most. I think you'll fall in love with him too and the rest of the cast as you view "Help Wanted."