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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 6 - Free Spirits

Ever since my husband, an electrician, worked up on the North Slope, we've had an on-going love affair with the state of Alaska. I can vividly remember him phoning me from Fairbanks one night and then asked me to just listen as he held out the phone.

Listen? To what?

Then I did hear something, a crackling sound and it didn't seem as though it was due to the telephone line. That noise, Wayne explained, was the Northern Lights. If one is far enough north, you can actually hear the Aurora Borealis. The colors are spectacular, waves of purple and dark teal.

In this episode, "Free Spirits," Justine heads off to Alaska to find Seth and has grand adventures of her own. Whenever possible I look for ways to bring a visit to Alaska into a book series, simply because I love this state. When the tourist publications call Alaska "The Land of the Midnight Sun," they aren't kidding. Wayne and I were in Fairbanks one year for the summer solstice. We needed to prop the hotel room drapes closed in order to darken the room enough to go to sleep. Some the largest prizes for vegetables come from Alaska because of the nearly twenty-four hours of sunlight.

However, it isn't sunlight Justine is after when she travels to Alaska. She's looking for her man.