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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 5 - For the Sake of the Children

Judge Olivia Lockhart is one of my most endearing characters. She came to life the moment she stepped onto the page of the very first book in the series, 16 Lighthouse Road. When I learned that Andie MacDowell had agreed to play Olivia in the Hallmark channel series, you would have thought I was on a pogo stick, I was that excited. Andie is everything I could have hoped for in an actor portraying Olivia: smart, gracious, wise . . . I could go on. By now, as you've watched the episodes, you no doubt have a clear picture of what I mean.

When Rosie and Zach come before her, she isn't so quick to grant the divorce--remember what happened with the young couple in the pilot--she wasn't quick to grant that divorce either, as you'll remember. She wanted both couples to step back and reconsider, communicate. In the case of Rosie and Zack, when that didn't work, she was forced to move forward with their petition, but her decision shocked them both. I have to admire a judge who looks at the overall picture of the family and makes a decision on what would be best for the children. Can't you just imagine what's about to happen . . .