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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 4 - Suspicious Minds

I've heard it said that life often imitates fiction. This certainly proved to be true while I wrote the Cedar Cove book series. Three specific fictional events I created as plot points actually happened, either right before the books were published or a few weeks later.

I'll tell you about the one that relates to this episode, the third in the series. It involves the man who checked into the Thyme & Tide, Bob and Peggy Beldon's B&B, and died sometime during the night. Sure enough just a few months after the book was published a man checked into one of our local inns and in the morning was discovered . . . dead. Is that spooky or what? I'd tell you a couple of other incidents but I'd be giving away future plotlines and that's something I wouldn't want to do. As Mark Twain, one of my favorite authors, wisely advised, "Keep them laughing, keep them crying, keep them waiting." And so, my dear friends, you must wait.