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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 2 - A House Divided

You've been introduced to Judge Olivia, Jack Griffith and the other major characters in Cedar Cove in the two-hour pilot movie. Aren't the actors wonderful! I was able to visit the set three times during the filming and those visits were some of the highlights of my year. Andie is absolutely terrific, isn't she? And isn't Dylan, who plays Jack, drop dead gorgeous? When writing these stories I don't have any particular actor in my mind. Casting is a real talent and when I learned that Andie had been cast as Olivia, my heart wanted to sing. She's perfect, and I'm so very excited and pleased to see how well she's fit into the role.

In this first episode, she takes on another difficult case--one that many of you may realize did not come from any of the books. This is a good time to let you know that our hope is that the Cedar Cove series will run for many years to come and that means storylines will need to be developed that are written in the “spirit” of the series. This storyline revolves around Warren (Isn't Brennen fabulous in this role!!) and his desire to tear down the lighthouse. My goodness, what a great plotline; what a great idea and poor Olivia is stuck in the middle; caught between the law and her own desire to save the lighthouse. And while it might not be part of the books, I sure I wish I'd thought of it.