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Debbie's Blog Season 1, Episode 10 - Conflicts of Interest

My office walls are filled with various pieces of artwork that I've collected through the years. I have a small collection of author's autographs from Charles Dickens to Ernest Hemingway. There's an award-winning photograph of buffalo in a snow storm from when I wrote a short series that took place in North Dakota. However, one of my most favorite paintings is a reproduction from a well known artist who's known for hiding things inside of her artwork.

If you look at the painting long enough you're able to see a variety of items cleverly disguised within the piece that are in plain view but yet are an integral part of the painting. The hidden object was there all along but it took time for me to look past the obvious and find it. Sort of not seeing the forest for all the trees. This painting is a good representation of what I like to do as an author.

The storylines with this episode titled "Conflicts of Interest" is a good example of that. With Olivia and Jack, Justine and Seth, and Maryellen and John, there's a mixture of what's seen and what's unseen. What's in plain sight and what is perceived. It looks all so bleak at the moment, but don't lose heart... there's more story to come.