Thursday July 2 10:00 AM / 9:00c
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Batter Up

It’s that time of year again as the residents of Cedar Cove prepare for the annual charity softball game. Last year’s game pitted the team from Moon’s Café against Bob and Peggy’s Thyme & Tide team. This year the two teams face off again, but with a change to one team’s line-up. Paul, who attended college on a baseball scholarship, will be the captain of Moon’s team.

Meanwhile, at the courthouse Warren Saget gleefully awaits Olivia’s arrival. Before leaving town, Will sold Warren his stake in the house forcing Olivia into a partnership with Warren. When Olivia arrives at the courthouse, Warren hands her an envelope and a suggestion that they talk about her mother’s home. Still angry over his attempt to convince Will to demolish the home, Olivia is even less thrilled when she hears she’s now Warren’s business partner. Warren suggests Olivia end their new arrangement by simply selling Warren her stake in the home. This is an obvious nonstarter for Olivia but for now all she can do is search for a way out of the contract her brother signed.

At the Sherman home, a despondent Maryellen looks out onto the town from the porch. Grace cheerfully steps outside to join her, unable contain her joy as she shows off her engagement ring. The two women hug and Grace immediately asks Maryellen to be her maid of honor and to help with the planning of the wedding. Grace is so excited she runs off to grab champagne for mimosas. Maryellen tries to process the news, and it’s clear that her feelings are at best mixed.

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