Audrey Brandon (Wendie Malick) has just celebrated her 30th anniversary with her “perfect” husband, Michael (Barclay Hope), when he leaves her for a younger woman. Soon after, Audrey is shocked to find Michael murdered on her kitchen floor. When Audrey is named as the primary suspect, she becomes a fugitive on the hunt for the real killer. With some help along the way from best friends Anita (Andrea Martin) and Phyllis (Martha Burns), former student J.J. (Matt Ward) and former love David (Gregory Harrison), Audrey investigates the case to clear her name.

Narrowly evading the police at every turn, she questions Michael’s inner circle, including former publicist Gretchen, ex-secretary Helen, and best friend Carter. With every clue, Audrey’s list of suspects grows, as does a rekindled romantic interest in David. When her investigation points toward someone close to home, Audrey returns to investigate this mysterious suspect and to clear her own name once and for all.